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Caring for the Elderly

This is a great article about the reality of caring for our loved ones as they age. I'm sure many of you can relate. Please ask me for information on Elder Care Management agencies and Elder Attorneys for financial planning in our area.



CARIE is a non-profit advocacy organization for the elderly that began right here in Philadelphia and serves all of PA. They do amazing work and I have referred to them in the past. If you have questions or need assistance with things such as housing, placement, transportation, healthcare, etc., their staff and volunteers are there to guide you or point you in the right direction. Please check out their website!

Home Covid Test at CVS

CVS now carries a home COVID test that is affordable! The test is made by Abbott Pharmaceuticals and is called BINAX. It costs $23.99 and provides results in 15 minutes.
It seems that the kits are flying off the shelves, however. Before running out to the store, check online if there is a CVS near you that has it in stock.
The test is not FDA approved but has been given Emergency Use Authorization to be sold.
It test for a protein on the surface of the virus and has performed well in the small studies thus far.
The kit contains 2 tests that should be done twice within 3 days (36 hours apart at least).
Just remember that if you test negative on the Binax test but have COVID symptoms or recent exposure, you should notify your doctor and go for a molecular PCR test.